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This is an island within the Cavite Province. It is one of the most historic places in the Philippines. In fact, it has a great role during the World War 2. This place is full of history, and before I can tell you the whole story or if i will tell you the history one by one, this blog will probably take two books or more. You just listen to the tour guide in case you are also planning to go to Corregidor and interested in History. hahaha

I have long wanted to go here, but always missed because always thought that it was close and at any time can be accessed. We have been forced to visit it for writing to the blog. We took advantage of that my Girlfriend was an employee of the same company so got a discount. Corregidor is very nice.

Some information about Corregidor from the Web:

It is located at the entrance of Manila Bay in southwestern part of Luzon Island in the Philippines. Due to this location, Corregidor has historically been fortified with coastal artillery to defend the entrance of Manila Bay and Manila from attacks by enemy warships. Located 48 kilometres inland, Manila has been the largest city and the most important seaport in the Philippines for centuries, from the colonial rule of Spain, Japan and the United States, to the establishment of the Philippines in 1946.

Our Corregidor Trip

Our Corregidor Trip

We wake up at about 3:30 am to prepare ourselves and our vehicle. Our travel time is one hour from our premises to the Esplanade Seaside Terminal in Pasay City. We left exactly 4:30 am and we arrived at 5:30 am. Just when we arrived at the cruise terminal, we got the number 5 in queue. 6:00 am we have already got our cruise ticket. We leave our car in a pay parking near Esplanade Seaside Terminal. And we went back to it at about 5:00 pm.  7:30 am started the cruise to Corregidor Island.

We are not too excited because we are still sleepy during the travel to the island. I was eating a snack I bought at 7eleven. An hour later, I was wondering about the island, it was beautiful from the middle of the sea. On the left you will find Corregidor Island and on the right you will find Bataan. I talked to a crew of our the Sun Cruises. I said “It looks like we’re close to the island” but he says it looks near but still an hour away.

Two hours later, we reached Corregidor Island, I said “Wow !!!” because of the waste i saw on the seaside hahaha. When we got on the Tram Bus, I asked the tour guide why there was much waste.

Tram Bus


(Tram Bus will take you around Corregidor during the tour duration). And I realized that it was trash from the nearby Manila Bay and Bataan.

The first thing I expected to see in Corregidor was the war equipment, and I was right. I immediately saw several cannons or batteries that were then used as protection against foreign invaders.

As I listened to the beautiful stories of our tour guide, I forgot to take a picture. So I’m always in the hurry to take pictures. haha. You will feel really proud of yourself as a Filipino, as how our heroes fought for the independence of the Philippines. The traces of war are still visible, renovated to be a great destination. By the way, According to our Tour Guide, there are still places in Corregidor Island that can not be accessed because there are still some bombs. In fact, a day before our tour has a bomb explosion.

Japanese Memorial Garden

One of my fascinations is the Japanese Memorial Garden, here you will find tombs of Japanese died in the war. In fact many Japanese are visiting it.

Malinta Tunnel

Another interesting attraction is the Malinta Tunnel, it’s long and full of history. This has been the home of our heroes in the midst of the war. It is also a witness to the bloodshed of Filipinos, Americans and Japanese. Inside there are light show that took 30 minutes, at the end is the play of the tearful National Anthem of the Philippines. tearful because after the light show is full of emotion.

Buffet Lunch

A tiring and warm temperature trip to Corregidor, will be replaced by a delicious lunch. This is my most awaited. Buffet lunch and delicious foods are ready for us. I’m excited to always eat a lot. That’s why I’m getting fat. haha


After lunch, only a few walk, you will see a Lighthouse. This served as the eye of Corregidor during the war. To see the incoming invaders. Around it are souvenir shops. I talked to a vendor for a while, joking while on facebook live. I said i will pretend that i do not have any money because the viewers might ask me to buy souvenirs for them hahaha.

Pacific War Memorial

Next we went to the Pacific War Memorial and some other large cannons around. Here we have a few minutes to get more photos. I also saw the end of the Sperm Cell. (If you look at the Corregidor Map, it was like a Sperm Cell). hahaha.

Sun Cruises

Afternoon, about 2:30 pm we are back at Cruise. Begins again going to Pasay. We were so tired but we are really impressed with the beauty of Corregidor. We have a lot of lessons learned, lessons that I can share here on the blog.

Other attractions at Corregidor:

Battery Hearn

Consisted of one 12-inch Coastal Defense Gun mounted on a Barbette carriage and had a range of 29,000 yards. Construction of the battery (formerly named Smith No. 2) started in 1918 and it was completed in 1921 at an amount of $148,105.

Battery Way

It played a very limited role during the Philippines Campaign in the Spring of 1942, only becoming active in the last week of the battle. The battery was manned by the Japanese as the Corregidor falls in 1942. The guns were permanently damaged during the retaking of Corregidor by U.S. forces in early 1945.

Battery Geary

Defiladed in a hollow on Corregidor’s Southern coast, Battery Geary had two mortar pits, with three magazines, one at each side and one between the two pits.

Mile-long Barracks

The entire length of the building measures about 1,520 feet that it became popularly known as the world’s longest military barracks.  It was used for the billeting of American officers and enlisted personnel detailed at the garrison.

Some other Photographs


Here’s the Itinerary of our Corregidor Trip as scheduled by Sun Cruises:

06:30AM Check in at the Terminal
07:00AM Cut off Time / Last Call for Boarding
07:30AM Estimated Departure from Manila
09:00AM Estimated Arrival to Corregidor Guided Tour/ Lunch
02:30PM Estimated Departure from Corregidor
04:00PM Estimated Arrival to Manila

You will find more information about going to the Corregidor at Sun Cruises. Only Sun Cruises manages the tour for Corregidor.

Visit their website at:

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