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We are Carl, Jaztin and Hernel, travellers from the Philippines. Carl is a Web Developer, Jaztin is a Graphic Designer, and Hernel is a Teacher. And we have one thing in common, we Travel for Fun and for Food. We created this blog to share our travels, share tips and guides for others who really wants to travel specially on a budget.

We are friends since college and are always together for school activities. We always have time for travel to relieve our stress from school activities, projects, thesis, etc. Because our workplace are near to each other, We meet frequently and our meeting place is 7eleven (Thank you 7eleven for sponsoring our meeting every night hahaha just kidding).Our discussions sometimes are about whats happening in our workplaces and also planning for future travels.

We have a lot of hobbies, of course our first hobby is to eat. (take note, we are not getting fat hahaha). Lately, another hobby was added to our list. We bought bikes and suddenly it became one of our travel means to travel and satisfy our food cravings.

How do we started blogging?

At first, its just a plan that suddenly became a reality haha. Its because we are a Web Developer, Graphic Designer and a Teacher thats why we pursue this travel blog. We already went to several places locally and internationally. We realized that we need to make a compilation of our travels, so i suggest “what if we create a blog? it will serve as a compilation and at the same time it will help other travellers through travel guides”.

Explore our blog to learn more from our travels and we hope you will enjoy every articles inside Travel and Food blog.

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