MACAU: Budget travel and some travel thoughts

MACAU: Budget travel and some travel thoughts

MACAU: Budget travel and some travel thoughts

So, i am writing this for two purposes:
To give you a Budget Travel Guide
To give you some thoughts about traveling.

Some internet articles will say, “you can go to six countries for around 17,000 pesos or around 350 USD”, Of course when you read, you’ll be surprised then you’ll ask, “really? as cheap as that?” but the real question is, “Is that true?”. We all want to travel, that’s why you are here and reading my blog. You want to learn how they do it, how they travel or how we travel on a very tight budget. I did not write this article just to become famous or just to make you jealous. I am writing this article for you to achieve your deserved travel goals.

Let’s go back to the question, “Is that true?” well, it’s not hard to answer. Yes thats true. But there are some things to consider and it needs a lot of preparations and systematic plans. Even the Heavens must be in favour with you.

You may Ask:

1. Does it cover the plane ticket expenses?
2. Allowance?
3. Food?
4. Accommodation?
5. Taxes?
6. Land travels during the trip?
7. How about if there are emergency cases?
8. How if you missed the scheduled flight?
9. How if you get scammed or ripped off?
10. How if you get lost?

Those are some of questions that you might ask. The eighth question, almost happened to us in Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thanks to Cebu Pacific Web-Check In feature. We are able to skip the very long line at the check in counter.

Well, the real secret of traveling on a tight budget is that, you have to plan for it in advance. You have to prepare for it at least 4 months, 6 months or even one year prior to your travel.

Preparing the Plane Ticket
I am a fan of promo fares but not piso fare (1 peso fare), not just because i am not lucky to grab a piso fare sale. But, i will just say “Give chance to others” haha. No. Its just that, its very hard to access the airline website during their piso fare promo. I don’t have the patience to wait for couple of hours to access the website because i don’t want to get disappointed. But if you do, its good for you. Well, the most cheapest of our travel plane ticket for the record is Bangkok, PHP 4,400 roundtrip good for 2 persons with 20KG departure baggage allowance and 30KG return baggage allowance. “for real?” Yes! its because of my Cebu Pacific GetGo points. So its PHP 4,400 + 80 GetGo points. Not bad. The last time when i tried to book during piso fare sale, i almost have it. I am already at the booking confirmation and i just need to click “I agree” to pay using Credit Card. After i clicked, the website crashed because of the volume of internet traffic trying to access the airline website. When i repeat the process, the website says “The seat is no longer available”. Crap, i waited and i wasted time. Sayang ang effort.

So, if i am looking for a plane ticket, i just always stick from 4,500 to 5,500 pesos per person, budget for the plane ticket. If the fare is below 4,500, i consider myself lucky to have that. The price are ranging to that amount if you book as early as 4 months in advance. Please consider holidays, as the price is more expensive. If you really want to fly during holidays, try to book your flight 6 months or 1 year before the travel date to make sure that you will get ticket with the said amount.

So i spent 5,500 pesos for the plane ticket during our Macau tour. With 20kg departure and 20kg return baggage allowance.

In Macau, most hotels are within the Casino, and its very expensive.So, we stayed at a transient house that cost 90 Macanese Pataca (MOP, or around 560 PHP) per night. But, there are cheaper options than that.

Here’s our expenses per head during our Macau Tour:

Travelfunfood | MACAU Travel Expenses

If you don’t have checked baggage, you may remove Baggage Allowance. Actually, i was not able to spend all the 5,000 pesos allowance. When we leave Macau, i noticed that i have remaining 110 pataca in my bag. Thats around 709 pesos.

It’s really good to experience the culture of a Country, especially their foods and attractions. It will inspire you and it will keep a good memory. Do not cut yourself just to prove that you can travel in the cheapest way. Yes, you we’re able to travel six countries with that amount. But the question is, have you tried many of their foods? delicacy? experience their culture? brought home some souveneirs? visit their attractions? Maybe the answer to some questions are yes. But traveling is not really just about traveling. You have to enjoy it and experience the most of it. Thats why here at Travel and Food, we really travel for fun and for food.

If you have some questions about our Macau tour, feel free to comment below.

Thanks for reading. More powers and more travels to all of us!

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